Love for juttis is a luxury footwear brand found in 2016 by a Mompreneur, Kannu wadhwa . We design with belief that our process and collaboration are as exciting as end results. The royal color combinations, world class embroidery fused with perfect detailing handcrafted by specialized artisans showcase perfect amalgamation of authenticity and modernity.

 We are enchanted by elegance, find joy in uniqueness and believe in quality. We believe that what we wear is best made by hand. From handpicking the smallest beads, finding the perfect fabric, doing intricate embroideries, till the stitching of juttis , every single process is done by human hands.

Worn by many leading ladies of Bollywood like Huma Qureshi, Bipasha Basu , Lakshmi Manchu, Diya mirza , Janhvi Kapoor, LJ  has now become one of the  favorites for celebrities as well.

Our juttis are handcrafted by artisans who translate sketched designs to a luxury shoe. From over 400 years, these artisans have perfected the art of hand embroidery and hand sewing, passing their skills to their next generation.Our juttis are made in genuine leather and are easily twisted in hand, making it extremely soft on your feet.


We take pride in being the experts of handcrafted luxury complemented with modern arts & contemporary designs wrought intricately on our juttis.

Inspiration for our juttis comes from fashion, travel, art, nature and anything that catches our eye. We recreate the charm of that traditional art for those who wear and admire elegance, class and culture. It is sure to bring smile to your face and add a glamorous aura to your persona.

Stay Stylish!